Stylish luck-home jewelry

Stylish luck is a studio based in Tel Aviv, who designs and makes beautiful home jewelry – Wall decorations with special meanings.
Our home jewelry are a traditional symbol for good fortune.
We take the symbols and give them a modern and fashionable look. We use semi-precious stones to empower the strength of our jewelry. Every stone has its own unique quality like love, health, happiness and success, so that you can choose the one whose qualities are those you look for

Each and every jewelry is hand-made and made with love.

Danit Ker-Kimhi

I love jewelry, fashion and home styling. They all inspire me. My passion for those fields made me create my brand – “Stylish Luck”.
I design beautiful home jewelry with the intention of bringing meaningful and positive energy to you.

I hope that you will enjoy our home jewelry.


Wishing you positive energies