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Flower of life gold plated hanging Hamsa with silk tassel

Flower of life gold plated hanging Hamsa with silk tassel

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gold plated  Hamsa patterned with flower of life element combined with silk tassel.

This piece is designed to give your home a blessing along with a fresh modern look. 

For thousands of years, the Hamsa has been known as a symbol against "Evil Eye" with time the Hamsa became a talisman for good luck,health and protraction To those who carry it with them or place it in their homes.

Flower of life.

It is a geometrical shape consisting of overlapping circles, which are spaced out In six-fold symmetry to give it the look of a flower. As is seen from the image Above, the flower reflects perfection and harmony. Taken to be a shape known to All religions of the world, it has been more recently named as 'sacred geometry' By the Pagans.

Product size:

Total: 50*10.5 cm

Hamsa size: 14.5*10.5 cm


**This product packed in a branded gift pack.

Made with love and good energies.  

Made in Israel.

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