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New born baby girl gift set

New born baby girl gift set

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Newborn Baby Girl Gift Set—a specially crafted bundle to celebrate your precious little one. This set seamlessly combines practicality with charm, offering the perfect package for your newborn princess.

Pacifier Wood Clip: Keep your baby's pacifier within easy reach with our stylish and practical pacifier wood clip. Crafted with safety and aesthetics in mind, this clip ensures that your little one's pacifier stays clean and readily available.

Small Organic Comfort Blanket: designed for your baby's relaxation and peaceful sleep, our product ensures a soothing and calming experience for your little one.

Wooden Bunny Teether: Soothe teething discomfort with our adorable wooden bunny teether. Made from natural wood, it's a safe and sustainable choice for your baby's tender gums. The cute bunny shape adds a delightful touch to this teething essential.

Pink Hamsa for Wall Decor: Add a touch of charm and cultural significance to your nursery with our pink Hamsa wall decor. The Hamsa symbolizes protection and good fortune, making it a meaningful addition to your baby's space. 

Small Pink Hamsa for Stroller: Take the positive energy on the go with our small pink Hamsa for the stroller. Attach it securely and let it accompany your baby on strolls, bringing good luck and protection wherever the journey takes you.

Counting with Little Prince Hard Cover Book: Foster early learning and bonding with the hardcover book, "Counting with Little Prince." The beautifully illustrated pages make learning to count a joyous experience for both parent and baby, creating cherished moments together.


  • Pacifier Wood Clip: 24cm
  • Small Organic Comfort Blanket: 25*25 cm
  • Wooden Bunny Teether: 5*6 cm
  • Pink Hamsa for Wall Decor: 10*8 cm
  • Small Pink Hamsa for Stroller: 5*6 cm
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